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Deep-water drilling platform
Polluted mangrove habitat

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Petroleum microbiology

I. Microbiology of oil spill bioremediation

Application of microorganisms for oil spills bioremediation.
Taxonomy and characteristics of oil-degrading microorganisms.

  1. Introduction
  2. Monitoring oil components
  3. Monitoring oil degraders
  4. Factors of oil biodegradation
  5. Approaches to oil bioremediation
  6. Oil bioremediation bacteria
  7. Oil bioremediation fungi


II. Microbiology of petroleum reservoirs

Biodegradation of oil in subsurface reservors.

III. Microbiology of petroleum industry

Application of microorganisms for oil recovery and enhancement.



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Photo credit: Environmental health perspectives. A peer-reviewed public-access journal published by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.